Tree Removal: Safe, easy, cost-effective tree removal that won’t keep you up at night

tree removal toronto

For far too long have we been terrorized by the giant green plague that is spreading across the globe, swallowing everything in its path from small children to the endangered silverback gorilla. I am speaking of course about TREES. This leafy menace has been known to encroach upon homes, utility lines, driveways and children’s play areas, thus causing tripping hazards and a variety of other evils.

Knowing that we humans rely on the Sun’s glorious rays for nourishment and survival, this prickly menace oftentimes conspires to block out the sun, creating too much shade and inhibiting our lawns from growing. Indeed, trees are clearly the epitome of evil.

Here are four things that my boss says I have to tell you about our tree removal service:

  1. 🌴 Standard tree removal depends on a multitude of circumstances. The municipality you live in will determine the lawful documentation and permits required for tree removal. Most often this involves an Arborist Report and a ‘Permit to Injure.’ If the tree is an imminent hazard to safety and wellbeing, then the process becomes expedited.
  2. 👷‍♂️ Typically, our crews will consist of a ground-person and climber. Together, they develop a strategy of attack to safely and quickly remove the tree. We take into consideration a variety of obstacles. We plan to work around power lines, decks, roofs and any obstacle of value. Often removal will involve extensive rigging. With ropes and pulleys, the climber and ground-person work together to safely eliminate the tree.
  3. 🔥 Explain to our Arborist what you’d like done with the tree after removal. Reduced rates will be offered to customers who choose to keep the wood, as we pass our absence of dumping fees back to the customer. Our arborist will give a free no obligation estimation upon examining the situation on site.
  4. 🌱 For every tree that we cut, Man with an Axe Inc. will plant FIVE new trees somewhere around the world where it’s needed most. Ask your Tree Representative for the available options that week.