GTA’s Trusted Residential & Commercial Tree Services Team

Why do 100s of happy customers trust Man with an Axe for their Tree & Stump Removal, Tree Pruning and Tree Planting needs?

😷 Save time, money and stress with our Free Virtual Tree Diagnostics!

No need for any inconvenient and germ-filled in-person quotes with salespeople trying to upsell you. Simply book a free virtual tree diagnostic where we’ll tell you what’s wrong with your tree and how to heal it or how to remove it. As far as we know, we’re the only company offering a virtual tree diagnostic service.

💸 We have a lean, mean operations team – and we pass on the savings to you!

We like to do things old-school with as little heavy machinery as possible. As a result of us not having to sell our kidneys to afford a big industrial truck, we’re able to undercut 97.6% of our competitors while providing a comparable or better level of service.

🌲 We plant 5 trees for every 1 tree that we remove!

Cutting trees down is never easy physically nor emotionally, that’s why we plant 5 trees somewhere around the world for every 1 that we remove. This is another thing we haven’t seen any other tree care company do and something we pride ourselves on.

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🌲 Free In-Person Tree Consultation

✅ We’ll come to your physical location to examine the tree situation, at which point we’ll provide you with a plan of attack whether that’s tree maintenance (pruning), tree removal or another course of action.

😢 Pants required

🌳 Free Virtual Tree Diagnosis

✅ 20-minute video call on Zoom, Google Meet or Whatsapp

✅ We’ll tell you whether you can fix the tree issue yourself, if you need someone to come in to fix it, or if the cost of tree maintenance or removal isn’t worth the headache

✅ No pants required